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2018 Kids

These are our 2018 Nigerian Dwarf kids! We are pretty excited as these are our first kids off our beautiful buck, Apollo.  Our goats are not registered, but they are beautiful and wonderful!

Sasha's Twins

Born January 10, 2018

 Fullbred Nigerian Dwarf (unregistered) twins

"Estelle" - Doeling- black, and tan with blue eyes (SOLD)
"Donovan" - Buckling- Black, heavily moon spotted, minimal white (SOLD)

Meme's Twins

Born March 12, 2018

Nigerian Dwarf/Fainter Cross (unregistered) twins

"Boots" - Doeling- white with black feet and brown bum (not for sale)

"Winston"- Buckling- Dark Brown broken chamoisee (SOLD)

Lulu's Twins

Born May 4, 2018

Full bred Nigerian Dwarf (unregistered) Twins

"Riley"- Buckling- black and white- (SOLD)

"Neena"- Doeling- black and tan with blue eyes- (SOLD)

Maggie's Triplets

Born May 13, 2018

Full Bred Nigerian Dwarf (unregistered) Triplets

"Gill"- Buckling- cream- (SOLD)

"Lenny"- Buckling- cream with blue eyes- (SOLD)

"Rocco"- Buckling- masked buckskin with moonspots- (SOLD)

Jersey's Single

Born July 27, 2018

Full Bred Nigerian Dwarf (unregistered)

"Teeno"- Black and white buckling